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The Bookends seated on bench. Photo Credit: Scott Wishart

The Bookends, from Stratford, Ontario, are Celtic instrumentalists who keep audiences of all ages spellbound and fast-footed with their masterful arrangements. Filled with good natured banter, fascinating footnotes, and a steady switching of instruments, they deliver a show of energetic enrichment, and fantastically frenzied fun.  Building on a library of traditional Irish and Scottish gems, they draw on rock & roll, classical, world, and folk music to hone their own sound and pen their own compositions – with arrangements that compel even the hardest of metalheads to dance jigs.

Miriam Fischer

Piano • Accordion

Errol Fischer

Fiddle • Banjo

The Bookends' debut album: Chapter One

The Bookends’ debut album: Chapter One

Physical CD: $20 CAD

Digital Album: $9 CAD

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Chapter One Released April 2020