1. The Millhouse  2. Wild Atlantic  3. The Salt Mine

4. St. Patrick's March  5. Neil Gow's Lament  6. Hidden Note

7. Drag the Lads  9. Last Night in Ennistymon  8. Foxhunter's  

10. The Long Walk  11. Up Ballina  12. The Kilfenora Barmaid

13. The Last Pint 14. Miss Rowan Davies

The Millhouse

The Millhouse (John Martin)

Wild Atlantic

The Mist Covered Mountain (Martin “Junior” Crehan) / The Rolling Waves*

Salt Mine Set

Wes and Maggie’s Ceilidh Croft (Leo McCann) / Freefalling (Michael McGoldrick) / Bright Star Over Sark (Michael McGoldrick)

St. Patrick’s March

St. Patrick’s Day*/Leslie’s March*

Neil Gow’s Lament

Neil Gow’s Lament on the Death of His Second Wife*

Hidden Note

Hidden Note (Diarmaid Moynihan)

Drag the Lads

Drag Her Round the Road* / The Lads of Laois* / With Ourselves (Johnny Harling)

Last Night in Ennistymon

South Wind* / Jim McAllister’s (Calum MacLean) / Out on the Ocean*


The Foxhunter's Reel*

Long Walk

The Rossmore Jetty (Fr "PJ" Kelly) / Boy in the Boat* / The Long Drop (Richard Twomey)

Up Ballina

Ballina Lasses* / Greig’s Pipes*

The Kilfenora Barmaid

The Kilfenora Jig* / The Roaring Barmaid (Tony "Sully" Sullivan)

The Last Pint

The Last Pint (Pierre Bensusan)

Miss Rowan Davies

Miss Rowan Davies (Phil Cunningham)


Produced and Arranged by The Bookends

Recorded at Knox Church and Trew Studio, Stratford ON

Recording Engineered by John Hazen and Pete Watson

Mixed by Pete Watson at Trew Studio, Stratford ON

Mastered by Robert Nation at EMAC Recording Studio, London ON

Design by Cait Watson and Miriam Fischer

Logo design by Pete Watson

Photography by Michael Steingard (back), Miriam Fischer and Errol Fischer (inside)

Moon inflatable art installation by Museum of the Moon: Luke Jerram

Pete Watson plays Collings, Taylor, Gibson, and Fender guitars with Elixir Strings and Thalia Capos

Cait Watson plays Gene Milligan & Tony Dixon Whistles

Miriam Fischer plays Hohner accordions and whatever piano is available

Errol Fischer plays old violins with Thomastik Dominant Strings and Clareen tenor banjos

The Bookends use L.R. Baggs, BOSS, MXR, Radial, and Roland effects.

Recorded on Neumann and Shure microphones.