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We've been lucky enough to participate in some unique events recently in support of various charities and foundations funding support and response during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Roots Music Canada also published a few articles about The Bookends launching our album during these unusual times and participating in Stratford Summer Music's Floating BargeMusic event.

Bravo Stratford: The Spirit of Community

Ballinran Media May 6, 2020

In support of Stratford House of Blessing - a local food bank

Stay at Home Gala

CTV News May 3, 2020

In support of Perth County Community Foundation

Appearing at 9:25min in CTV coverage

The Bookends launched their careers amid the COVID-19-related lockdowns

By: Jan Vanderhorst August 13, 2020


How Stratford is keeping the summer festival vibe alive

By: Jan Vaderhorst August 10, 2020